Airport upgrade

To operate the Airbus 380 and similar oversize aircrafts an airport amongst others has to comply with the Class F requirements. By means of AGAT the airport category can be upgraded from class E to F.

Shoulders on RWY and TWY can be made wider without increasing the fortified area causing stagnant water on the runway after downpours.

It is possible to construct rainwater storage in the base building to control delay of surface water for derivation, reducing the pressure on the drainage system.

AGAT allows for overall wider TWY and RWY without increasing the fortified area, and at the same time the visual reference is increased and FOD clearly detectable. 

AGAT advantages

  • Improved FOD elimination and recognition
  • Visual enhancement by narrowing the set down area while widen the paved area
  • Possible drainage true the surface to reduce standing water
  • Weir off sustainable


When installing AGAT along the runway edges the maintenance around signs, lamps and runway markings are drastically reduced. When installing artificial turf, the speed and possibility of detecting FOD increases and the number and length of incursions are minimized. The AGAT increases the visual reference of edges and secures against immersion at involuntary exits.

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