Airport upgrade

By installing AGAT on service roads whether it is soil, gravel or paved surfaces, a number of advantages are obtained.

AGAT advantages

The primary gain is obtained by installing AGAT on the first part of the road from RWY/TWY so that the visual boundary is clear.

Secondary gains are obtained by installing a larger piece of AGAT. The longer the established installation is, the more the carpet act as a dust and dirt collector from the wheels of the maintenance vehicles, minimizing debris and FOD on RWY and TWY.


AGAT can be installed on existing paved roads prolonging their lifespan. When the surface is ”tied” FOD is further avoided. Maintenance of the paved road is reduced.

Existing gravel and dirt roads can with advantage be coated eliminating dust problems. The maintenance is minimized because holes and ripples are avoided. Furthermore a clear visual marking is obtained.

Evergreen Aviation poor service road Evergreen Aviation service road with avturf