Evergreen Aviation first visited Nepal back in 2014, a country known for having some of the worlds most dangerous airports. Aviation is an important mean of transportation in Nepal, since many hilly regions are often impossible to reach with a vehicle. The rural towns located in a high altitude, survive on the little tourism coming in by air and the opportunity to receive and (forward) merchandise.

Many of the domestic airports in Nepal are in poor conditions due to lack of equipment’s in the mountain areas to establish and maintain the runways. The many natural ground runways have poor visual reference and transfers rapidly from dry and dusty via wet and muddy to frozen and bumpy due to changing weather.

Avturf can dramatically improve the safety of landing in rural areas.
Proven friction, visual reference, durable surface, light installation weight and minimum and low-tech maintenance make AVTurf the ideal surface for landing airplanes and helicopters in rural areas.
In Nepal Evergreen Aviation have installed a double helipad and an intersection between the main runway and the taxiway to the hangar area to show the wast adwantegies of AVTurf as a landing and handling surface.
Fordele ved EA:
99 % of the surface weight and manual work are locally found allowing the AVTurf to be installed every where the airplane or helicopter can go.