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AGAT Helipad and TWY Installation, Roedvig Heliport by The Danish Civil Aviation Authority

Evergreen Aviation is pleased to announce the approval of our AGAT Helipad and TWY installation, Roedvig Heliport, by The Danish Civil Aviation Authority.

Danske lufthavne henholdende med kunstgræs

Evergreen Aviations første installation af kunstgræs i dansk luftfart var helipaden nord for København. På billedet ses Mads Lauritzen, der arbejder for virksomheden. Foto: Danny Longhi Andreasen. Læse mere på CHECK-IN.dk Kunstgræs er mere populært i udlandet end i Danmark, hvor lufthavnene har en mere forsigtig tilgang til produktet, mener dansk kunstgræsfirma. Det hele begyndte med [...]

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London Southend Airport Installs Aviation Grade Artificial Turf (AGAT)

Cutting-edge Aviation Grade Artificial Turf (AGAT) has been installed at London Southend Airport during an overnight operation. The installation was identified to remediate jet blast erosion on the end of Runway 05 by Denmark’s Evergreen Aviation in collaboration with a local four-man crew. The airport’s head of asset management, Marc Taylor, oversaw the project’s completion: [...]

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First installation of ‘future-proof’ turf installed at London City Airport

LONDON City Airport (LCY) has become the first airport in Europe to install Aviation Grade Artificial Turf (AGAT) - an innovative new form of groundcover, which has been described as being “future-proof”. LCY commissioned the installation across an area of approximately 400 m2. Airport officials were looking for a long-term and eco-friendly solution to the [...]

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