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AGAT Helipad and TWY Installation, Roedvig Heliport by The Danish Civil Aviation Authority

Evergreen Aviation is pleased to announce the approval of our AGAT Helipad and TWY installation, Roedvig Heliport, by The Danish Civil Aviation Authority.

Danske lufthavne henholdende med kunstgræs

Evergreen Aviations første installation af kunstgræs i dansk luftfart var helipaden nord for København. På billedet ses Mads Lauritzen, der arbejder for virksomheden. Foto: Danny Longhi Andreasen. Læse mere på CHECK-IN.dk Kunstgræs er mere populært i udlandet end i Danmark, hvor lufthavnene har en mere forsigtig tilgang til produktet, mener dansk kunstgræsfirma. Det hele begyndte med [...]

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Evergreen Aviation på DR1

In June 2013 Evergreen Aviation installed a Helipad on Vejroe, only a few steps from the main house. The Helipad contributes to a safe and comfortable landing for the islands flying guests. Wednesday the 21st of August 2013 the danish television station DR1 aired a program about initiatives taken to attract tourists to Denmark. Vejroe has chosen [...]

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The AV Heli Pad, new installation at Vejrø

THE AV HELI PAD is at Vejrø, installed only a few steps from the main building, providing convenient and safe helicopter landings for flying guests. THE AV HELI PAD also provides a secure platform for rescue helicopters, adding increased safety aspects.

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Evergreen Aviation

“Evergreen was established in 2006 with the purpose of trading in quality artificial grass products. The Evergreen headquarters is near Copenhagen, Denmark. Please contact us for a presentation of AGAT products in relation to your airport, landing strip, heliport or helistop.”