In 2014 Evergreen Aviation installed an AVTurf installation at Karup Airport, at the intersection of RWY 32 and 27L which included coating under PAPI and signs. The sub base consists of 10 cm compacted asphalt granulate. Edges are glued down along the RWYs and trench and bury to the natural ground. 
Regardless whether intersections between RWYs and/or TWYs are made of asphalt or natural ground, the distinct visual reference is crucial for a safe handling of airplanes during taxi, startup and high-speed exits. Installing AVTurf at the intersection gives a clear visual reference of the RWY limits. If an aircraft by accident cuts the corners with the inner wheel, AVTurf will reduce damage, FOD and prevent airport closure. 
The base construction determines load-bearing capacity and drainage ability. If the base is strong enough, aircrafts will be able to run over the AVTurf without sinking in. Snow removal is also made easy, since heavy vehicles are able to drive around on the installation.
With the installation including coating under PAPI and signs, maintenance is reduced significantly. The enhanced visual reference provides easier FOD detection which minimise the number and lengths of incursions. Also the quantity of debris is reduced, since AVTurf captures small objects.